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"An Expert in maturing software development projects and IT organizations"

Software Development Executive With Solid And Progressive Experience In All Facets Of Software Application Development, Deployment & Support; Program & Project Management; And Business Product Strategy

  • Repeated success in leading the development, delivery, maintenance, and support of software products & projects.
  • Adept in maturing projects & organizations to improve quality, delivery accuracy, productivity, & effectiveness.
  • Skilled in collaborating with all levels of the organization to drive key initiatives and achieve business objectives.

Core Competencies

  • Software Development (SDLC – Waterfall ⁄ Incremental ⁄ Agile)
  • Project Management (PMP | PMI)
  • Planning & Scheduling (EVMS | Trend Analysis)
  • Product & Strategic Planning
  • Broad Technology Base (Web ⁄ Embedded ⁄ Enterprise, etc.)
  • Strong Leadership and Management Skills
  • Process Improvement & Change Management
  • Human Performance, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Budget & Multi-Site Management
  • Continuous Organizational Improvement


Accomplished Software Engineer, Technical Lead, and Software  ⁄  System Architect

  • Eliminated an 18.5 million dollar loss by proposing a new design that met the client’s original needs, but also provided a new state­of­the­art solution; thereby signing a new contract with sufficient funds to deliver the project.
  • Authored three performance patents correcting critical design flaws in an existing high-performance storage system.
  • Architect of first real­time Artificial Intelligence System now flying on today’s military aircraft.

Highly Successful Program & Project Manager

  • Averted a $50 million dollars loss by turning a product with an angry client base into the flagship product of the company with strong client references.
  • Saved a $5 million dollar development project and received follow­on work after replacing the Program Manager on a cancelled simulations project.
  • Transformed an angry banking client into a satisfied and happy client by improving the development group’s product quality and on­time delivery of project milestones.
  • Rescued the hardware  ⁄  software integration for a $120 million dollar avionics project that was significantly behind schedule after taking over as the integration project lead.

Repeated Success At Maturing Software Organizations and Projects

  • Improved software development efficiency 76% in six months for a company that delivered fixed price software solutions.
  • Revitalized a group of 72 computer storage engineers who had failed to meet deliverables into a highly motivated group that consistently met deadlines.
  • Matured a multi­site software product company of 230 engineers in the broadcast industry. I increased productivity, improved quality, and eliminated redundant product offerings; thereby creating a predictable effective engineering organization that met deliverables.
  • Overhauled a multi­product development group of 120 engineers from consistently missing project deadlines to making over 80% of their deliverables on­time.
  • Successfully implemented development and management processes that significantly increased quality, productivity, and time­to­market for a Web based Insurance product.

Work History

Executive Director | iOdyssey | 2010-present | Software & Productivity

Consultant specializing in Project Management, Software Development and Organizational  ⁄  Project Productivity.

  • Developed EasyEV, an MSProject add-on that simplifies and enhances Earned Value Management using MSProject.
  • Authored the productivity book: "A Successful Life", Published June 2011.
  • Writing: "The Five Myths of Being Productive" Target Publication 2012
  • Web Site Development
  • Program Management and Productivity Consulting

Executive Director of Software & Technologist | Seagate | 2004-2009 | Computer Storage

Directed 72 software, firmware & quality assurance engineers in building an advanced high transactional & high availability data storage array. Recruited to implement a more disciplined and structured environment in order to improve quality and delivery accuracy. Implemented earned value management techniques and change control to improve project planning, tracking, & oversight while simplifying project status to upper management; mentored engineers to improve requirements, design, & test practices; & modified human behavior practices; thus increasing organizational effectiveness.

  • Reduced software development lifecycle (SDLC) by 23‰ and reduced schedule variances from 30‰ to 4‰.
  • Managed annual budget of $15M and the hiring of 47 new software & QA engineers. Skill sets included Java, C#, XML, HTML, & SOAP for interface and C++, C and assembler for the data array engine.
  • Authored three performance patents correcting critical design flaws in an existing high-performance storage system.
  • Group Lead for Seagate Software Best Practices Committee and member of Seagate Software Architectural Committee
  • Provided Project Management Direction and Guidance for multiple Directors, Managers, and PMs.

Senior VP, Software Product Development | Encoda Systems | 2001-2003 | Broadcast Solutions

Managed 230 software development engineers, VPs, Directors, PMs, business engineers, QA, support & documentation personnel in multiple sites and projects across three lines of business in the Americas & Europe including establishing an off-shore development site (India). Balanced an annual budget of $25M. Technologies included .Net, visual C, RPG, DB2, Various OSs, Oracle and other relational databases on mainframes & mini-computers for various broadcast IT solutions to process advertising orders, schedule rule-based content & advertising, and control real-time automation of broadcasts.

  • Optimizing product portfolio across a variety of products from newly developed systems to 20 year old legacy systems.
  • Averted a $50 million dollars loss by turning an underperforming product with wide-spread client dissatisfaction of time and quality of deliveries into the flagship product of the company with strong client references.
  • Successfully implemented Earned Value PM management practices resulting in better tracking, risk management, and a more consistent planning and delivery of product releases.
  • Created standard project management, business engineering, and product release practices & processes.
  • Initiating development of a .NET technology framework that abstracted database and 2nd tier logic from business application logic; significantly reducing time-to-market of new functionally

Vice President of Software Engineering | ChannelPoint | 1999-2001 | Web Insurance

Directed 120 software engineers in creating a scalable, web-based, service oriented architecture (SOA), Java solution for order placement, policy processing, & policy issue of insurance claims in a distributed processing, client/server topology.

  • Defined and implemented processes to establish a baseline methodology (both management and engineering) that successfully delivered an object-to-relational data base foundation product.
  • Promoted from Director to Vice President to establish PM & engineering practices for the applications development group. Transformed group from consistently missing deadlines to making over 80% of their deliverables on-time.

Vice President of Product Engineering | New Era of Networks | 1998-1999 | Banking

Managed a software product group of 20 software engineers. Hired to revitalize a disarrayed group struggling to meet deliverables & maintain clients. Restructured team, implemented strong change controls to manage clients, implemented project management processes, and rewarded a positive culture and team environment; thereby transforming the team and product line into a solid performer with sound client references. Team enhanced, maintained, and supported a middle-tier messaging system that delivered banking transactions to host banking database applications. Product developed using C++ for HP, SUN & NT Platforms with Oracle & Sybase DBs.

  • Rebuilt a dysfunctional relationship with a Fortune 100 client, preventing the loss of major funding.
  • Collaborated with marketing and sales to establish strategic and tactical product direction.

Director of Product Development | Peak Inc | 1995-1998 | Warehousing & Barcode

Managed 45 software engineers in 6 product development sites building transaction based warehousing solutions for inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping. Established an R&D group to leverage technologies and new products based on strategic planning with sales and marketing. Developed strategic shrink-wrap and custom product strategic plans.

  • Improved bidding accuracy 76‰ in six months; thereby, improving & ensuring profits for fixed-priced contracts.
  • Implemented consistent project management practices across six development sites in the Americas and Europe.

Program Manager | Booz Allen and Hamilton | 1993-1995 | Satellites and Simulations

Directed a team of 12 system and software engineers. Hired as technical manager but assumed project management duties when client threatened cancellation. Proposed new program oversight approach to client and delivered 2% under budgeted cost and on schedule; resulting in additional follow-on work.

  • Saved a $5 million dollar development project by implementing disciplined project management practices and establishing a close working relationship with the client.
  • Invited by client to write program management chapters for a textbook on Simulations and Modeling.

Program Manager and Technologist | Prior to 1993 | Avionics, Satellites & Communications

  • Software Developer, System Engineer, Technical Lead and Project Manager for SAIC, TRW, and Hughes Aircraft designing and developing real-time distributed processing embedded systems.
  • Eliminated an 18.5 million dollar loss by proposing a new state-of-the-art solution; thereby signing a new contract with sufficient funds to deliver the project.
  • Saved a $120 million dollar avionics project by taking over as the hardware / software integration lead and meeting a critical final demo deliverable to the Secretary of Defense.
  • Architect of the 1st real-time Artificial Intelligence system for the stealth fighter aircraft.
  • Performed engineering and management roles for programs such as GPS, Milstar, ATF aircraft, Early Warning Radar systems, and simulations systems (satellite & avionics).

Education and Other

  • B.S. Math, Minors in Sociology and Education, Graduate Work in Studio Art
  • Speaker & Consultant (2004 – Present) Presentations and Training on Emotional Intelligence & Productivity
  • Hospice Volunteer (1997 - Present)

Gabriel Lawson

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